You want your customers or clients to change and choose you, but if you don't change how you communicate with them, your revenue numbers won't change either.

We've created self-paced courses built on proven frameworks and supported with neuroscience to help you drive more revenue. The time to change is now!

Sound Familiar?

Ø My customer conversations often end in "no decision."

Ø I often battle objections on price during my sales calls.

Ø The customers I call on often seem resistant and have their "guard" up.

Ø I keep missing quota and wonder how others seem to make it easily.

If this sounds familiar...

you are ABSOLUTELY in the right place!


What if you could differentiate yourself and your solutions with complete value clarity?

What if you could learn a repeatable system that's been proven to increase sales by 20%, 30% even 50%?

What if you could do that while building authentic connection, trust and credibility with your customers like no one else?

What if you could get your prospects and customers to see you as a Trusted Advisor, and not just someone selling a product?

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How Effective Are Our Courses?

"Within two days from receiving the Braintrust training, I finalized an $8,000 sale by using the My Why™ story and Pattern Interrupter technique. Even though I was already optimistic about the concepts, I was genuinely surprised by how fast my customer began sharing details of their life, which ultimately strengthened the relationship. This stuff works and reinforces why I enjoy doing what I do. All I can say is that Jeff’s techniques work for me and I am grateful for the training! If there’s more, send it my way!"

-Mark H.Manufacturing Account Representative


"I love Neuroselling!!! Yesterday I had a lead in Lewiston, ID. I walk in the door and ask for Bill. Bill walks up and says "Sorry, don't have time to meet today."

Awesome, two hours in the car and this guy can't meet.

My response, "Bill, totally get it. You guys look busy. But hey, before I get out of here do you mind if I at least tell you Who I am, What I do and Why I do it. That way, you'll at least know who you're talking to next time we meet."

Bill simply says "OK, let's have it."

I bust out My Why™ story. Then I ask him to do the same, which he happily does.......An hour later I walk out with a full price professional deal picked up, a referral for a 401K and another client earned... I had him at "WHY."

- Account Manager, Paychex