What You'll Get

In this video course, I will walk you through LinkedIn profile optimization tips as well as best practices in regards to managing your LinkedIn presence.

Who This Course Is For

This course is for any sales professional, entrepreneur, or individual who wants to better leverage LinkedIn as a sales and marketing tool. It is for those who know they can be better optimizing their LinkedIn profile and understand the impact an elite profile can have on building their brand and lead generation.

How To Use This Course

I recommend that you go through this course from start to finish in one sitting at least once (heck, it's only ~20 minutes). As you move through the course, make note of tips or and pieces of insight that you’d like to revisit. When you’ve made it to the end, start going back and diving deeper into items that you know you want to learn more about and implement for yourself.

If you know you have already completed parts of this course, feel free to bounce around from section to section to ensure that you've checked off all optimization best practices.

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